Tell Me…What’s in Your Wallet?

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If you had to leave the house and only take one thing with you, would it be your wallet or your cell phone? I would take my wallet – it’s the only thing that can buy me green tea. What we carry in our wallet says a lot about who we are. I carry a number of things in mine – driver’s license, debit card, pictures, insurance cards, and store coupons to name a few. Now what would happen if I lost my wallet? Well, I wouldn’t be able to buy any green tea, but I would begin to call around to cancel all my debit cards, credit cards etc.

One of the things I do in my role in the Service Center is help people who lose their debit or credit cards. Make sure you give us a call as soon as you realize it’s lost or stolen so we can block your card and order you a new one. It’s important that we block your card as soon as possible in case it was stolen and someone starts to use it.

I used to carry my social security card in my wallet but stopped doing this years ago for fear of losing it. Your identity could easily be compromised if any of the contents of your wallet get into the wrong hands. I opened a safe deposit box when I started working here to store all of my important documents so I’m not carrying them around. Something else you could do is purchase a fire proof box to keep in your home for storage of these items.
So, what do you carry in your wallet?

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