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I had the opportunity a few years back to live in Germany and work at a bank there that was shared by both Germans and the U.S. Department of Defense.  It was interesting to get a feel for some of the differences in how other cultures use their financial institutions.

Last week I had another great opportunity to attend a presentation given by our CEO to 20 Chinese Executives here in our corporate auditorium.

Quick background on why they were in central Illinois….they are brought in from the University of Illinois’s Chinese Executive Leadership Program (CELP) which offers: visits to U.S. corporations, financial institutions and government agencies; tours of University facilities, and other special activities.

The presentation began with IAACU’s history; the interpreter was doing an excellent job translating.  It seemed busy for some time as they were taking in the information and writing notes, quite a few pictures were being taken of our slides as well (each slide had translation to their language).  As it went a little further in depth of how our members join, suddenly they had so many questions; at times I wasn’t sure how the interpreter was keeping up!!

They were having conversations amongst themselves then turning to the interpreter to ask to translate what they had discussed, I was anxiously waiting to hear what all the chatter was about!  They were very interested that our members only need to deposit $5 to join.  They were shocked that we do not fee our members and that there are times we will deposit the $5 for the member if they live far away.  One of them asked how we are able to provide so many fee free ATM’s, and one even asked if he could join!

Overall it was a very fun experience to see such an interest from this group and know they may take some of what they learned of our credit union back with them to their financial institution.

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  1. Mark Latimore says:

    Hey Joy,

    This was very interesting to read. I can relate to your experience as I was also stationed in Germany and also possessed a German Bank account at one of the local banks. It would be nice if more cultures could interact with eact other in such a way as to explore the diverse business functualities. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with you.

    Thanks again.

    Mark L.

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