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Sometimes it’s good to know; Who am I talking to and why aren’t they answering my question?

I recently sold my house and was looking to rent a house in Bloomington. This in itself is not an easy task, as I have 2 kids and am very picky about what school district they are in. One of the most useful websites for finding rentals was Craigslist. There are many listings, updated daily, containing pictures and additional information. This is the site where I found the home I am moving into this weekend.  Unfortunately, others have not has the luck I had.

Early on in my search while I was going through the listings I found a great home, almost seemed too good to be true.  I contacted the owner through Craigslist wanting to know the location of the home. I received an email back telling me how I will get the first shot at this home because a young couple who the owner thought was interested, fell out of contact with the owner. They told me all they needed was for me to fill out a credit application and attached a link. They didn’t answer my question.  I emailed them back, because all I wanted to know was what school district the home was in, I didn’t want to waste any more of their or my time if it wasn’t in the right school district.

I checked my email a few minutes later and the email I sent could not be delivered. I thought that was strange.  I went back out to the listing on Craigslist to contact the owner from there, the listing was missing. I thought this was very strange considering I hadn’t shown any interest except for more information about the home. I went back to my original email from the owner and looked at the link. I did not click on it, but instead hovered over the link to show the web address (or you can right click the link and go to properties to find out where it wants you to go). This particular link address was very suspicious. It wasn’t a link to any credit bureau or a credit reporting agency that was familiar. It also was an http web address as opposed to https, which is secure.

From what I can gather in my experience working in IT, is that this was a scam designed to steal information. If I were to believe this owner and click on the link to fill out a credit application, I would have given my social security number and who knows what else.  Sometimes a little extra communication goes a long ways or doesn’t in my case. All I wanted was a little more information and almost ended up with a big problem.

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