Vacation’s Are All I Ever Needed!

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Ah, vacation! Those cherished days each year when I don’t have to worry about setting the alarm clock, the coffee pot, or the timer.  When my days revolve around relaxation and doing what sounds fun instead of deadlines, schedules, and bed times. How many times have we thought to ourselves “I could really use a vacation right now?”  In theory they sound fantastic, but how do we make them a reality?

How do you fund your days of bliss each year? Do you put money aside each paycheck or pay for it with a credit card? Did you know that we have a Vacation Club account that can make your dream vacation a reality? Not sure what a Vacation Club is?

Our Vacation Club is a way to put money aside all year long to save & prepare for vacation. This year our Vacation Club rate is even better! New & existing Vacation Club accounts get a new rate of 1% on all deposited funds up to $3,000. This type of account functions like a savings account offering a higher interest rate. Members will make deposits into the account & interest will accrue all year long. Funds will be dispersed the last Friday of April each year, just in time to plan your summer vacation! If you withdraw funds before the end of April there is a $15 early withdrawal penalty. This is a great way to help you keep on track and avoid withdrawing money early! 

Now that you know how to make your vacation dreams a reality you have to decide . . . Where your Vacation Club will take you!

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