Fun Friday blog; tips for putting your coins to work!

[ 1 ] July 22, 2011 |

I found some fun tips for putting your coins to work:

  • Increase the bloom time of cut flowers by adding a copper penny to the water in your vase
  • Measuring – a US quarter measures exactly 1 inch 
  • Scratching lottery tickets
  • Coin flipping “heads and tails”
  • Golf or bocce ball marker
  • Wishing well sacrifice
  • Collection for investment or hobby purposes
  • Impromptu screw driver for Coin-struction Toys and miscellaneous uses
  • Magic tricks like the coin behind the ear favorite
  • Relieve boredom – flatten on train tracks

Do you use your coin for any of these?

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  1. Jon Voegele says:

    Great tips for using coins! The train track advice is NOT good advice!

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