Thinking of Buying a New Car?

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Seems like when I hear people setting out to buy a new vehicle there are some pretty big stressors they come across.  Some people may begin to cringe just thinking about it!

We have some valuable resources here at IAACU so I asked our loan department to let us in on their top tips before heading out on the search for a new or used vehicle!

  • “Buy what you want” –Don’t over think what you have set out to do!
  • “Don’t feel pressured or pushed” –Sleep on it…it will still be there tomorrow!
  • “Get pre-approved” –Know how much you can spend first!
  • “Be informed before you leave the house” –Do your research:

IAACU Financial Resource Page

It won’t be too much longer before I have to venture out and purchase a new car so I may begin my research now!  Let me know if you have recently purchased a new or used car and what tips you may have.  Any questions…let me know and I will pass along to our experts.

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