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Our CEO here at IAACU sends out inspirational messages, thoughts and quotes daily!  It’s really something many of us look forward to each day; this was his most recent ‘thought of the day’!

Leadership Qualities

  1. Believe you matter. “It is not a question of ‘Will I make a difference?’ Rather, it’s ‘What difference will I make?”
  2. Make others believe they matter.
  3. Take Action.  “The difference between dreamers and leaders is that leaders ACT on those beliefs and begin the process of ACTually making a difference.”
  4. Embrace and follow purpose.
  5. Love people, purpose, your organization, and yourself.
  6. Character/integrity
  7. Creativity along with the ability to solve problems.
  8. Humility.
  9. Delegation. Leaders who can’t delegate never reach their potential.
  10. Passion and vision.

Everybody is a potential leader to somebody…in some way!

Anyone at your work inspire you?

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