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Plastics are a unique department within the IAA Credit Union.

Have you ever received a scam letter, a phishing email, a robo call?  Well, you are not alone.  These scams go on all the time all over the world.  They are easiest and quickest ways for a fraudster to gain access to your personal information and your finances at little or no cost to them. They crowd your junk email with letters of sympathy or you’ve won lots of money.  You’ve heard it before if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The Plastics Department handles all aspects of lost and stolen cards right here in our office.  When you give us a call you actually are in touch with us, not a voicemail where you have to choose a number of options before you get an actual person.  We will process your dispute or fraudulent claim in a timely manner and assist you with all aspects of the details.  It could be filling out a simple form for us to process or just giving the credit you need to move on with a new card.

If you have ever experienced fraud while using either card you know it can be very inconvenient when you have to go without the card; which is why we have express delivery of your card under certain circumstances available for you.

Personally I have had fraud on a credit card through a major card company and it took me a year to finally get it concluded.  It was very stressful and took me countless phone calls, emails along with closing and reopening cards.   It was nightmare.  I finally had to demand a manager of the fraud department and 15 faxed pages later the card was closed.  That kind of service, I do not need!

Your experience here at IAACU will be courteous, friendly and timely.

We pride ourselves in customer service and strive to be the most recommended.

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