New Year’s Resolutions

[ 0 ] January 3, 2012 |

It’s the “out with the old and in with the new” time of year. Are you one of the many that will set weight loss/exercise goals only to drop them within the first six weeks? Here are some financial goals that you can stick with throughout the year!

  •  Make a list of all credit cards and interest rates. If possible, consolidate to the card with the lowest interest rate.
  • Obtain a credit report that has the three main credit bureaus information, those being TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. This report will tell you what accounts you have open, any balances on these accounts and how much debt you really have in your name. The report will also show any late payments and more importantly, any erroneous information that is on your credit history.
  • Use a paper shredder for all your personal documents you need to get rid of. Identity theft is on the rise and you don’t want to have any surprises when you receive a bill at the end of the month!

These are just some things to keep in mind as you head to the gym to satisfy your other new year’s resolutions!

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