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Do you remember your first lesson as a child on money; savings, spending or earning it?

I remember earning some chore money when I was young but my first real lesson in earning and saving came when I got my first job at 14 years-old.  What a great feeling to get that paycheck in hand and take it and get it cashed!  I have been a member here at IAACU my whole life so if anyone remembers the main branch used to be over in the IAA Building, 1701 N. Towanda. I would head over there each payday and deposit some and keep some for all those things that 14 year old girls buy!

Working for the credit union now I am able to see other generations of families teaching responsible money savings and spending habits.  Recently I came across some old newsletters and found a family picture of one of our recent college scholarship winners, Alaina Behrends with her brothers Anthony and Matthew at age 5, when they were young Kirby Club members!  Cynthia Behrends, their mother, has done a really great job with her kids to keep them educated and involved with their money habits.  We will be featuring a series of financial tips from Cynthia in the next few blogs, great tips with very successful outcome!  Cynthia’s topics will be:  keeping savings a priority, what % to teach for savings & lessons that stuck the most, and advice/tips to teach your kids!  Here is a small insert from Cynthia on what age she began to teach her kids about money and savings:


“The importance of saving was instilled in my children from the time they were preschoolers.  I opened a savings account with the IAA Credit Union when they were infants and began taking advantage of programs offered for kids such as the Kirby Kangaroo Club.  Through this club, I encouraged them to participate in the pumpkin decorating contest, the coloring contests, the Christmas shopping event (where they used their Kirby dollars to buy gifts), and any other activities throughout the year.  The kids associated the IAA Credit Union with fun.  They loved using the Christmas shopping event to buy Christmas presents for my husband and me.  We would make a big deal out of the gifts which encouraged them to participate the next year.” -Cynthia Behrend


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