Debit Card or Credit Card – Use them Wisely!

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Which do you use most – debit or credit card? Even though your debit card and credit card look the same, they process differently. When it comes to fraudulent transactions you’ll most likely notice the charges on your credit card bill, report them as unauthorized, and decline the charges. With your debit card, transactions pull directly from your checking account; you’ll need to contact your financial institution and start the process for your refund.

Please be aware there are several places you should exercise caution when using your debit card:

  • Restaurants.  How many of us willingly hand our debit card to our server at the end of the meal? While running your transaction your server may also be writing down your card information.   It’s much safer to use your credit card or cash in this instance.
  • Gas Station Pumps. Gas Station card readers provide ideal opportunities for card skimming.  Skimming is the process of capturing the data on the magnetic strip by running it through a machine.  These devices are placed over the real card slot and may be difficult to spot.
  • Outdoor ATM’s. Like gas station pumps, outdoor ATM’s are easily accessible to attach skimming devices.  Indoor ATM machines that are in a high traffic areas are the safest to use.

 Whichever card you use, rest assured the IAACU plastics department will always be here for you!!

Here is another great link on protecting your identity!  Post your comments for any experience you have had with identity theft.

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