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I live in East Peoria, work in Bloomington, and have a girlfriend in Iowa City.  At times it feels like I spend half my life driving from place to place.  Weeks become blurs of gas stations, candy, coffee, restaurants…repeat.  It’s a never-ending cycle of spending.  I prefer to use cash for these purchases because it’s easier for me to monitor and control my spending using cash than charging everything and fearing the bill.  Also, I prefer to pay cash at restaurants because I don’t like handing my card to a waiter and not being able to see what they are doing with it.

This all seems easy enough but somehow I always forget to get cash before I leave work for the weekend and I don’t want to pay a fee to access my money.  Luckily there are a number of ways to get cash without having to pay a fee.  You can come to the drive-up ATM located at our main branch or go to a CO-OP network ATM*.   Many credit unions belong to the network, including CEFCU and may not always show up on the locator, but if you find any credit union ATM, look for the CO-OP logo  and if you see it there…the atm is free! If you’re not close to a fee free ATM remember, we reimburse up to $10 a month in ATM fees for our Dollars & Sense and Platinum Checking account holders.

*IAA Credit Union members have access to 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the United States through the CO-OP network. If you’re looking for a surcharge-free ATM using your IAA Credit Union card there are a few different places to look;

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