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Our new art is up and is provided by our very own Ken Kashian!

Ken Kashian has been a professional photographer for 33 years.  Since 1981 he has worked for the Illinois Farm Bureau, and is Director of Photographic Services.  He has traveled thousands of miles throughout Illinois, photographing the diversity of rural Illinois’ people and landscapes.

Exhibitions of his work include:  DETAILS, Architectural Details of Downtown Bloomington and its Surrounding Areas, The Mackinaw River Project, In The Eye of the Hurricane (rural damage in Louisiana caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita). He has produced a limited edition bound volume, Along The Mackinaw River that contains his photographs and poems contributed by Bill Morgan and Kirstin Hotelling Zona.  He has also published an additional book, Along The Mackinaw River that contains more of Ken’s photographs and poems from 11 additional poets.

This display Ken has brought in is in honor of Veterans.  He captured these photos while on an assignment in Atlanta, IL.  Be sure to stop by the main branch M-F, 8:30-4:30, Saturday, 8:30-12:00 to view his photos.



By Ken Kashian

A few years ago, I came to Atlanta on an assignment to take some photographs of the J. H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum.  I work for the Illinois Farm Bureau as a photographer and as such I am responsible for providing our weekly newspaper, FarmWeek, with photographs.  I met two museum volunteers, Marjorie and Jim Coleman.  We had a very nice visit and I took a lot of photographs.

Toward the end of our time together, Mrs. Coleman mentioned the display of flags that Atlanta presents during their Memorial Day and Fourth of July observances.  Mrs. Coleman, it appeared, was always thinking of ways to promote the Atlanta.  I liked the idea of coming back to Atlanta to see what the community’s Memorial Day activities were all about.

After that first year, I decided that I would come back to the next year’s celebration to photograph as many events as I could.  I also decided that I would use only the panoramic camera.  I wanted to see if I could make my photographs capture not only a particular event, but also to capture the energy created by the people in and around the Memorial Day events. 

On Memorial Day of 2011 I invited all active duty service persons and veterans to pose for me for individual portraits.  I set up a make-shift studio in an office building in Atlanta.  I photographed 32 people, whose service covered WWll, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, the conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, and some people who served during peace times.


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