First Hand Account On Saving For College……by Haleigh Copley

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While working part-time as a Teller at the IAA Credit Union, I also went to school full-time. Saving money for college is hard; saving money while working part-time is even harder. While I was in school I tried to save money for tuition, books, and parking passes. I frequently tried to put money away for Spring Break, concerts, or weekend activities too.

It was very hard to save money for so many different items. What helped me the most were the different products and services the IAA Credit Union offered. I used the payroll deduction feature to help budget the amount of money going into each account every payday. The Vacation Club account helped me to put money away for Spring Break or even big events I wanted to attend. I saved money for my tuition and books in my Money Market account. By using the Money Market account I knew I could take the money out if there were ever an emergency but the fee associated with too many withdrawals always kept me in check. Luckily for me the products and services at the IAA Credit Union are versatile, making it easy to save money for college and other important milestones!

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