Pre-Approval versus Pre-Qualification

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A realistic understanding of how much you can expect to qualify for is a good first step toward the goal of homeownership.  The letter of pre-approval can be just that to make it happen.  There is a difference between a letter of pre-qualification and a letter of pre-approval, and it’s important to know the difference.


Pre-Qualification means there has been loan calculations made that show how much you ‘may’ be able to borrow.  While pre-qualification can reduce the processing time for home loans, indicate how much house you can afford and provide certain leverage in bargaining power, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that such a loan will, in fact, be made by the lender.


Pre-Approval means you actually have a loan waiting, subject only to finding the home and the home appraising at the sales price.  The “pre-approval” letter represents an actual commitment on the part of the lender.  In order to secure this letter, it is necessary to complete a formal loan application and pay the associated fees.  Credit, salary, and bank funds will be checked, and if the loan is a good investment, the lender will issue a pre-approval letter, which provides a commitment for a limited time, subject to a satisfactory appraisal and title search.

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