National Agriculture Week

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(This guest post is written by Susan Moore, Director of the IAA Foundation)

National Agriculture Week is a great time to not only thank a farmer, but thank the businesses that support our farmers and the agriculture industry at large. The IAA Credit Union is an important part of the agriculture family.  They not only provide great benefits to all their Illinois Farm Bureau members, but they are actively involved in supporting awareness about agriculture, and in turn, the future of our industry.

We talk a lot about the agriculture industry being family, and we support a lot of common goals.

IAITCA big one of those is helping people gain a general understanding—and hopefully an appreciation—for farming, and we call it “Ag Literacy.”   That’s the focus of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great program where teachers can get free resources, book grants, trainings and access to volunteer experts to help teach students about the importance of agriculture.  And they do it all through lessons in math, science, English, etc… that all meet the Illinois State Learning Standards, which is a necessity for teachers.  And in the process, kids have really fun experiences learning about where their food, fiber and fuels come from and the important role a farmer plays on getting food to their plate.

It takes a village, right?  Well the IAA Credit Union is an important and understanding partner supporting our efforts.  If you’ve got Kirby Kids, they can learn more about farming too at this year’s 5K Race which includes a cock-a-doodle dash (1/4 mile) for kids 10 and under.  If you’ve got an IFB Visa card from the IAA Credit Union, then a portion of every purchase helps support ag literacy.

So as we take time this week to thank our farmers for their hard work , please also thank those that support education.  Because although we have made great strides in raising awareness with all consumers, we’ve got a long ways to go.  Chocolate milk does not come from brown cows, and no one is raising boneless chickens….seems silly right?  I’ve heard them both…

More about the IAA Foundation

The IAA Foundation is the charitable foundation for the Illinois Farm Bureau.  Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom is the top funding priority of the Foundation.  Learn more at

National Agriculture Week begins March 18th


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