Cybercriminals…Protect Yourself!

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Phishing calls, texts and e-mails are in our everyday lives now. Phishing is when a cybercriminal is trying to access your information. By answering this automated system you are telling the criminal that your contact information is correct and they can contact you again. When they contact you a second time they will be trying to find a way to get additional information from you. This can be account numbers, usernames, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc… Most of the time criminals will have some of your information like an address or last four digits of your Social Security.

Here are a few steps to give you additional protection against them:

  • Do not respond to any e-mail that request personal information
  • If you believe that your financial institution is trying to contact you, call them
  • With e-mail do not click on links that you are not sure about
  • Increase your security with firewalls or security packages
  • Look at your statements, double check transactions to verify that they are all yours and make sure your financial institution has all of your current contact information


Most of all spot the criminals before they contact you. You can monitor current phishing attacks by visiting the Anti-Phishing working group at

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