Kirby Cooks Dinner

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Kirby Cooks DinnerKirby wanted to do something extra nice for his family. He thought he could take them to dinner, but realized he couldn’t drive yet. “What if I make dinner at home?” he thought. He pondered the idea the rest of the afternoon. While he was playing basketball with Coin and Cash (the Croc Bros.), he thought of what the main dish could be. He decided spaghetti, since both of his parents liked it. He thought he could cook a pot of green beans, bake a loaf of sourdough bread, and mix a fruit salad. He was so excited to tell Mama Roo! He wanted it to be a surprise, but he thought he must let her know so he could have permission. He decided he should save his allowance for three weeks so he could buy all the food before he tell his parents. That way, he could present them with all the information, and they would HAVE to say yes!

When he returned home from the park one day, he looked all over the house for Mama Roo. She wasn’t in the living room. She wasn’t in the kitchen. She wasn’t in her bedroom. Kirby checked the back yard, almost panicked now, and found Mama and Papa Roo tending to the garden.

“Kirby, we’re glad your home safely! How was the park?” Papa Roo asked.

“It was fun! Coin, Cash, and I played on the swings for a long time,” Kirby replied. Mama Roo stood up. She looked concerned.

“Kirby,” she said, “is there something wrong?”

“No, but I do have something to share.”

“What is it, son?” Papa Roo asked.

“Well, I was wondering if I could cook dinner tonight. I’ve seen Mama handle the oven and I think I can do it!”

“Kirby, that’s a great idea!” Mama Roo exclaimed.

“Really?” Kirby questioned.

“Yes! But how about we make it a family affair and we all make dinner together.” Mama answered.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Papa Roo chimed in.

“Okay! I know what I want to make. Is spaghetti okay?” Kirby was hesitant.

“Spaghetti sounds delicious!” Mama Roo

“Kirby, how about you help us finish this garden work and then we will get started on dinner. It’s almost that time anyway,” Papa Roo expressed.

So, all three of them went to work on the garden and finished in rapid time. They washed up, went to the grocery store, and started preparing the meal. Mama Roo put Kirby in charge of the fruit salad. She cut the fruit for him, and he mixed them all together. Papa Roo cooked the spaghetti noodles and the sauce. Mama Roo looked after the bread in the oven and the green beans on the stove. After about forty minutes, everything was ready. Kirby set the table, Papa Roo prepared the plates, and Mama Roo gathered the drinks. The whole family sat down and enjoyed their meal.

“We are very proud of you, son. You saved your money and enjoyed the rewards!” Papa Roo exclaimed.

“Yes! And by the way, Kirby, this is one of my new favorite meals,” Mama Roo declared with a wink. “Great work!”

After dinner was over, the family decided they should make a meal as a family every month, only Kirby wouldn’t have to pay.

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