Kirby Wants a Pet

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Kirby has been going to the park all summer long with his mom. On the way to the swings he always passes the dog park. He likes all kinds of different dogs: small ones, big ones, and even hairy ones. He always thinks how wonderful life would be if he had a dog. Today was going to be the day. He was going to ask his parents if he could have a dog. He wanted to wait for the perfect moment when the family was together. “Dinner time!” he thought. That way mom and dad would both be there. He couldn’t wait to get home to help mom get ready for dinner that evening. At dinner, he sat patiently for mom and dad to sit in their places

“Kirby you have been very quiet today,” said Momma Roo. “Are you feeling okay?”

Kirby thought now is as good as ever- he was going to ask. “Well I have been wanting something for a very long time and I think I am a big Roo now. Can we get a dog?”

Mamma and Papa Roo exchanged a quick glance. Papa Roo said in a very kind voice, “We wondered when this question would come up. Having a dog is a big responsibility. You will have to take care of it every day- not just when you feel like it. Are you sure you are ready for such an adult responsibility?”

Kirby said, “OF COURSE I am!” “Well,” Papa Roo said, “we shall find out. My boss is going out of town next week and needs someone to take care of his new puppy. I suppose I can volunteer for the task but under one condition. Kirby you will have to take care of the dog. That means you will feed it, walk it and take it outside when it has to use the restroom.” Kirby could hardly wait until next week.

The day finally arrived. Papa Roo brought in the most adorable fur ball Kirby had ever seen. Papa Roo reminded Kirby of the promise he had made. Kirby spent hours playing with the puppy.  He even took him for a couple of walks. Nighttime came. Kirby snuggled the puppy at the foot of his bed. Mama and Papa Roo came to tuck them both in.  “Get some sleep Kirby. You have done a great job with the puppy today.  You will need to rest.”  Kirby fell fast asleep.

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