Holiday Scams

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Who knew that the holidays would bring about some of the worst scams that we see all year. We see scams frequently, but during the holidays they seem to double. While some of these scams seem legitimate many of them are not. Fraudsters run these while consumers are busy with all of their traveling and shopping to catch them off guard. There are many good articles out there telling you about these scams and how to prevent them. Including AARP and their great article on Holiday Scams. Then there is an article from USA Today on Letters from Santa. This article highlights how fraudsters try to appeal to those looking for a way to connect Santa to your children by having a letter sent from Santa to them. This also puts your child on the nice list and sends you a certificate.


There are ways to prevent yourself from becoming one of the casualties of holiday scams. Monitor your account on a regular basis. This can be checking statements, viewing your account online or even calling in to check on recent transactions. Watch your credit score, if it fluctuates then there is a chance you have something going on with you credit. Also double check the sites that you are using to make sure they are secure when giving your personal information.

Holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of the year! Don’t let fraudsters ruin yours.

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  1. Debbie Spencer says:

    When is it appropriate to use a debit card and when is it safer to use a credit card?
    Thank you!

  2. Nick Sosnowski says:

    Your Debit and Credit card offer similar protections when you run them as “Credit” while checking out and I typically recommend using your card that way as opposed to entering a PIN when using it during checkout to maximize your protections.

    Always remember that your Debit card is a direct link to your checking account in most cases, meaning if there was a fraudulent transaction it could cause checks to bounce or other problems. As a result, if you are making online purchases or using it in an environment that you don’t always have control of the card (like a restaurant), I would suggest using a Credit Card.

  3. Debbie Spencer says:

    Nick, thank you for your quick reply. That helps immensely in deciding how to use my debit card this holiday season and going forward.

    Happy Holidays to you!


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