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Kirby had always loved playing basketball. He played in his drive-way, at his parents’ gym, and at the park. He had never played for an actual league before, so when his parents’ gym came out with summer league sign-ups, Kirby decided he was going to join! He filled out the paper work with Mama Roo and Papa Roo after dinner one night. His parents reminded him of equipment he would need to get, such as basketball shoes, a water bottle, and an undershirt for under his jersey.


Papa Roo said, “We will give you up to $30. You need to save the rest. We want you to learn that it’s important to save for what you need.”
Kirby had $30 in his savings account at the credit union. He wanted to look at stores to see how much his basketball gear would cost him. He and his mom looked at his local sporting goods store and found that he would need to spend $55 there. Then, they went to the mall and looked at several shoe stores and sports stores. He found he would need to spend $50 at the mall, partly due to basketball shoes being on sale at one of the stores. They drove to the credit union so Kirby could withdraw his money. His mom also withdrew $20 to cover the difference of Kirby’s contribution and the total cost of the items. After both he and his mom got their money, they drove back to the mall. Luckily, the mall was fairly close to the credit union!

Kirby bought all the necessary materials and felt good while doing so because he knew he paid for the majority. Kirby’s mom rewarded him with a small fruit smoothie at one of the food court restaurants after he made his purchases.

The gym held try-outs the next week. Kirby felt prepared going into them because he knew he had the right equipment. He made 93% of his layups, 78% of his free-throws, and 76% of his 3-pointers. The coaches were very impressed! At the end of the week, results were posted. Kirby made the Gold Division team for his age group! Mama and Papa Roo were so proud of him.
Papa announced, “Why don’t we ride our bikes to the fro-yo shop and back after dinner tonight to celebrate?”
He knew Kirby loved frozen yogurt. Kirby was so excited that he scarfed his dinner down faster than Papa did! Needless to say, it was a good week.

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