March 2015 Biography: Jeff

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Regularly we will spotlight an IAA Credit Union employee for members to get to know us better and share our story.

Jeff started at IAA Credit Union on August 21, 1991. In the twenty three years he has been with the Credit Union, Jeff has been a Consumer Loan Officer, a Mortgage Loan Officer and is currently the Supervisor of Member Services. Jeff oversees the Tellers and the New Accounts Department. His favorite part about working at IAA Credit Union is the opportunity to help members and form relationships with them while leading an exceptional group of employees.

Throughout Jeff’s years of service at the Credit Union, he has had enough memorable moments to talk for days. One of his most memorable was getting his neck tie caught in the paper shredder, which he blames on a devious coworker. We all laughed about that one for days.

Jeff is one of the most recognized employees at IAACU. When members come in to do their business, many stop by his office to chat or just say hi. His door is always open not just for Credit Union members but also for his employees to help sort through issues and come up with solutions.

Jeff also participates in Thursday Noon Talkers or Toastmasters and is a member of the McLean County Financial Institutions Security Association.

Jeff’s hobbies include spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing trips in Canada, golfing, building model RC planes, riding motorcycles, vacationing with family, and many other sports not mentioned.


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Hello! I have been with IAACU since August of 2011. I am a Member Development Rep. You might have talked to me a few times on the phone or through e-mail.

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  1. Brent Anderson says:

    Jeff does a great job managing the teller and new accounts area. He is sincerely interested in the lives of his employees and members. He is a model of the credit union philosophy of “people helping people”.

  2. Barbara B says:

    Jeff is a great guy. He is the only reason I stay with IAA. These days.

  3. Henry Bruens says:

    Jeff is my personal financial expert and counselor before I retired and continues since I retired in 2008. He manages my accounts to take advantage of interest rates. We try to have lunch about twice a month to keep in touch what is happening in Credit Union and the other companies. I feel he is a special friend.

  4. Jerry Quick says:

    Jeff is a tremendous asset to our Credit Union. My wife Teresa and have done considerable overseas traveling, and Jeff is always there for us to provide Euros, travel advice, and good fellowship. He has our respect and affection.

  5. Pauline Gourley says:

    Have known Jeff since 1991. Previously as a co-worker and still as a friend. He’s been a tremendous help to me numerous times. I would echo the comment that he’s a true asset to IAACU.

  6. Mary Ann Kilpatrick says:

    I have known Jeff since I babysat him and his brothers and sisters too many years ago to think about. He is a quality young man and one of the few people at the Credit Union that I still recognize. I have been retired over 10 years and always know if I have an issue, I can contact Jeff for personal assistance! He is a great asset to IAACU!

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