Kirby Goes to the Movies!

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Kirby was listening to the radio.  He heard people talking about a new movie that was just for kids!  It was about dogs doing tricks and it sounded really cool.  Kirby wanted to go to see it.

Kirby went to his mom and dad and told them about the movie.  He asked if he could see it.  Kirby did not have enough money in his credit union account to pay for it by himself, so he would need his parents to help.  His mom and dad thought about it and offered him a bargain.  If Kirby could help around the house doing chores he could earn a trip to the movies.
Kirby thought this was a great idea.

Kirby Goes to the Movies

Kirby’s mom and dad made him a star chart.  The chart showed each chore he could do, how many stars each chore was worth, and how close he was to reaching his goal.  Some chores, like feeding the dog or wiping the table were worth one star.  Other chores, like sweeping the floor or taking out the garbage, were worth two stars.  Really hard chores, like folding the laundry or washing the dishes, were worth three stars.  Kirby had to earn 25 stars to go to the movie.

Kirby was excited that he had such a cool chart to help him see his progress.  He got started right away.  First, he fed the dog and took out the garbage; that was three stars.  Then he helped his mom with the dishes and wiped the table after; that was another four stars.  By then, Kirby was tired, but he still wanted to earn more stars.  Kirby decided he was going to feed the dog again, but the dish was so full the food spilled all over the floor.  Kirby’s dad told him he had to sweep it up, and that he wouldn’t earn any stars for feeding the dog or for sweeping (since he had made the mess trying to earn extra stars).

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