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Do you wonder what the difference between the IAA Credit Union and a bank is? Here are a few interesting facts that differentiate the two!


National banks are on average much larger than IAA Credit Union in assets and employees.

With state of the art technology, IAA Credit Union has just as many products and services, if not more, than a nationally known bank.

IAA Credit Union currently houses only 44 employees to fit all of the financial needs for over 15,000 members.


Bank’s earnings are generated for their stockholders.

IAA Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization. Earnings are returned back to shareholders with higher dividends and lower interest rates on loans.

With a membership at IAA CU, rest assured the profits earned are returned in your favor.

Shareholders are member owners, which is you!


Banks do not require membership, they have accountholders.

To be qualified for membership at a credit union, specific qualifications must be met.

To qualify at IAA Credit Union, one must work for the family of companies or their affiliates, have COUNTRY Financial Insurance, become a member of the Illinois Farm Bureau, or have a family member employed with the family of companies.

In 1983, field of membership was expanded to the American Farm Bureau Federation employees.

In 1999, field of membership was expanded to all Farm Bureau members in the state of Illinois, COUNTRY Financial Insurance customers, and patrons of GROWMARK Member Cooperatives.

Board of Directors

Commonly, a bank’s board of directors may be compensated, and be a stockholder in the financial institution.

The IAA Credit Union’s board of directors is strictly voluntary and receives no compensation.

The board of directors at the IAA Credit Union is made up of Illinois Farm Bureau, COUNTRY Financial, and GROWMARK employees.

Better rates

Banks tend to have higher interest rates on loans because they are a for profit financial institution.

Generally IAA Credit Union offers better rates because we are not-for-profit.

Interest rates tend to be lower on consumer loans and interest bearing accounts tend to earn higher interest rates than the national average.

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