Kirby Plays in the Sprinklers

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Record heat temperatures were soaring this summer in Kirby’s town. It got so hot in the afternoons that playing outside wasn’t comfortable for him. He barely went to the park. He would play in his backyard in the early morning before the sun sizzled his fur. In the hot afternoons, he would stay inside and play board games, solve word puzzles, read books, or watch his favorite movies. Occasionally, he would invite Coin and Cash (the Croc Bros.) to watch movies with him.

Kirby Sprinklers

After being inside for the afternoons for a couple of weeks, Kirby wanted desperately to play outside. He wished and wished for clouds or rain to cool things down, but his wishes did not come true. He wanted a pool, but knew those were too expensive to buy in such a short amount of time. One morning after he just woke up, he had a brilliant idea. “What if I just turned my sprinklers on and ran through them?!” Kirby pondered his idea a little more. At breakfast, Mama Roo could tell something was up with him.

“Kirby, are you okay? You’re not eating your silver dollar pancakes as fast as you usually do,” Mama Roo inquired. “Yes, I’m fine, Mama. It’s just that, well, it’s super hot outside and we don’t have a pool. So, I was thinking I could turn the sprinklers on and run through them to cool me off this afternoon!” The excitement appeared all over Kirby’s face. “Yes! That sounds like a great idea, Kirbs!” Mama replied.

“Could I even invite some friends over, like Coin and Cash (the Croc Bros.)?” Kirby asked. “Of course! After lunch, I will set up the sprinklers. Why don’t you ride your bike to Coin and Croc’s house to ask them if they want to come over this afternoon? I’ll make frozen juice popsicles, too.” Mama Roo said. “Okay! Thank you, Mama!” After Kirby finished his silver dollar pancakes, he rode his bike to the Croc Bros.’ house and asked them if they would be interested in playing in his sprinklers in the afternoon. “Yeah!” Coin exclaimed. “Sounds cool!” Cash expressed.

After lunch, Kirby put on his swim trunks and helped Mama Roo set up the hose and the sprinkler heads. He was so excited he couldn’t contain himself! He was jumping all over the yard waiting for Coin and Croc (the Croc Bros.) to arrive. “Oh, I see them!” Kirby shouted. All the boys put on sunscreen to protect their skin from a blistering sunburn. The rest of the afternoon, they ran through the water. They made up games like who could jump the highest through the water. Kirby had a blast!

That night at dinner, Papa Roo asked how his water adventures went. “It was really fun, Papa! We should do it again this weekend and you can do it with me,” Kirby stated. “I love that idea, Kirby! Good thing I know where my swim suit is,” Papa Roo said with a wink. Kirby went to bed that night exhausted. He was very happy that he finally got to play outside without feeling lightheaded from the heat!

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