Kirby’s Day with Dad

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Kirby’s dad decided it would be fun to spend the whole day, just the two of them, and planned lots of fun activities! His dad wanted to make the day really special for Kirby. On the list: going out for a French toast breakfast, to the library for story-time, playing soccer in the park, shopping for a new puzzle, and then home to build it together. They had a great day together.

As they ate dinner that night, they told Mama about their adventures. Then Kirby took a bath and went to bed.

Kirby’s dad was a little disappointed that Kirby hadn’t remembered to say thank you for their special day. Kirby’s dad had a really good time, but he wanted to know that Kirby would remember to be grateful when people did nice things for him.

Just then, Kirby opened the door to his room and peeked out. He said he had something to show them and hopped out with his hands behind his back. Kirby came out and told his dad he had, had a really good time spending the day with him. Then he pulled out a handmade thank-you card from behind his back. It was covered in pictures of all the fun activities from the day and it said Thank You Dad! in big letters in the middle.

Kirby was so proud of the card and so happy to tell his dad thank you, but most of all, he was so happy to have spent the whole day with just his dad!

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