Barb’s Retirement Announcement

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We would like to congratulate Barb Williams on her retirement! Barb started at the IAA Credit Union in July of 1998 as a teller, and moved to a Member Services Representative in the New Accounts area in 2000. In retirement, Barb and her husband plan to go to the Gulf Shores for a month in February, and eventually head to Alaska for another trip. We hope she still has time to visit us!

The employees at the IAA Credit Union will remember Barb most for having a great sense of style. Her professionalism stems far beyond her fashion sense, though. We all try to do our jobs as efficiently as we can, and Barb proves that working hard, staying on top of things, and getting things done efficiently is actually possible. We can consistently count on Barb to get things done quickly and be willing to help, even if it isn’t something she normally deals with.

Barb's Retirement AnnouncementBarb is possibly the fastest at opening new accounts, which is a big change from when she first started. According to Nick Sosnowski, VP of Operations, Barb used to type everything in caps, so he never knew if she was yelling at him or not! Tammy Volpe, Head Teller, says that when she first came into the credit union for an interview, she was very nervous, but Barb was so welcoming that Tammy felt right away that she belonged here. With her desk just in front of Jeff Malcom’s (Member Services Supervisor) office, he will miss the ability to lean on her for specialized projects and tasks, including much of the load for negative account collections, market surveying, and finding ways to better serve our members.

We will all definitely miss her zooming across the lobby area or around the back offices. She has the best shoes of all of us, and she can move quickly in them, too! Many other employees agree that she is always someone you can go to for a question or for help. Not only will you never be turned down, but what you need will be done right away!

As much as we will feel a loss when Barb leaves, she may be missed most by members. Most of her interactions throughout the day involved helping members in some way or another. Many members know her well enough to go straight to her when they need something, or ask about her when she’s out.

Barb says she’ll miss the people here the most, employees and members included. She believes that when you work with them for long enough, they become family more than friends.

A retirement reception was held at the IAA Credit Union main branch in the Lobby Conference Room on January 4th, 2016.

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  1. Tom Bargmann says:

    Barb (Kirby) – Great for you and your husband, enjoy your retirement.

    Will do my best to attend for your “send off”.


  2. Chuck Flurer says:

    Congratulations Aunt Barb !!! Love you !!

  3. Sean says:

    Wishing you the very best in your retirement -Great Health and Blessings! We will miss you very much and hope you will stop by from time to time to let us know how you’re doing,

  4. Kathy Blue says:

    You are going to love it Barb! It was such a joy working with you over the years. Wishing you the very best.

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