Annual Christmas Bon-Bon Trade

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Terri CookingIt’s that time of year again! It’s a time when families and friends come together to celebrate the season of sharing and getting into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is a great time to treat your loved ones with a special gift that comes from the heart and your kitchen.

Whether you are planning to celebrate a family tradition like Annette Reagan has shared below, or just taking the opportunity to start a new tradition, a homemade gift can show your loved ones how much they mean to you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our Credit Union friends and members!


Annual Christmas Bon-Bon Trade

Annette Reagan, Administrative Assistant

Bon Bons 2A few years ago my youngest sister posted this on my Facebook wall: “So I come home from school and see a large bowl on the counter with tin foil over it… whatever…Mom’s cooking something weird again. So I think nothing of it and I go to Caribou [that’s the best place to get coffee in MN, where I’m originally from]. Three hours later I come home and see it still sitting there. I stuff my face with Caramel Corn [another Becker-family Christmas tradition] and go to peak underneath the tin foil over the bowl…………….bon-bon mix.

If you’re a member of the Becker family, or have known us around Christmas-time, you know the Becker family tradition is coconut bon-bons. My mom, usually unwillingly, goes through the process of making bon-bons purely because she knows these delicious little chocolate-covered coconut dreams are everyone’s favorite Christmas tradition. They don’t even need to look fancy in the slightest bit; they’reBon Bons 1 simply tradition.

I started college at University of Wisconsin-Madison the fall of 2006. In early November, I met Mark. He’s from Eau Claire, WI. Throughout our years in college and our 5 years of marriage, our families got to know each other, and we discovered they have a similar tradition. The annual “trading of bon-bons” ensued.

Here are our recipes, for your own chance at recreating something that we certainly love!

Coconut Bon-Bons (Beckers)

For the interior:
One 8-oz package cream cheese (not lite!)
1 Cup flaked coconut
½ package powdered sugar plus ¼ cup
4 Tablespoons melted butter

Mix 4 ingredients and roll into balls. Place on wax paper on trays in garage to freeze (if you’re in Minnesota, otherwise, put in freezer).

For the coating:
5 lb. bag of melting chocolate – milk or dark

Melt chocolate and then use a toothpick or spoon to coat balls in chocolate. Put back outside to harden.

Crispy Peanut Butter Balls (Reagans)

Melt in microwave:
1 stick butter (not margarine)
18 oz. crunchy peanut butter

3 ½ Cups Rice Krispies, crush after measuring
3 Cups powdered sugar

Mix everything together, refrigerate 2 hours or overnight. Form balls and dip into melted Wilton Candy Melts (or something similar) in the color you desire (melon baller works well for dipping) and set on waxed paper.

Freezes well!

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