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Goodbye Mitch 2016Part-time Teller Mitch Casino is leaving IAACU for an insurance brokerage solutions internship at COUNTRY Trust Bank this summer. He’s been helping members with their transactions at the credit union since February of last year, and will be leaving at the beginning of May to start his internship. Mitch says he’s looking forward to the internship this summer because he will have the opportunity to face new challenges, gain knowledge, and obtain some experience in his course of study – Finance/Insurance. He’s going to be finishing his bachelors next spring at ISU!

When Mitch first started at the IAA Credit Union, he was immediately identified as a mini-Jeff, presumably because he looked like a younger version of our Member Services Supervisor, Jeff Malcom. Mitch caught on to his duties quickly, and became a great customer service team member. The credit union as a whole appreciates Mitch’s dependability, accuracy, and ability to keep his cool in difficult situations. Mitch is identified as someone who always helps out without asking for anything in return, who compliments people all the time, and who has an effortless way of lightening the ambiance in the room, even when times are stressful.

The teller team and the rest of the credit union all agree that Mitch’s sense of humor will be missed the most, but in close second come his powdered peanut butter sandwich lunches and disgusting protein snacks. Easily forgotten will be the “old married couple bickering” between co-teller Prisca and Mitch and how he wants so bad for her hair to be blonde. The lack of Dr. Mitchell words of advice may just steer us all off-course. After all, we’ll miss important pieces of information like “Don’t ever get your hair cut from someone who flunks out of beauty school,” “Don’t get an oompa loompa tan before you go to Florida,” or “Let your natural beauty shine.” And we’ll never forget the crazy (possibly made-up) stories from “Fast Hands Mitch” and the like.

Mitch’s horizon looks bright with his summer internship and the completion of his degree. Mitch says he will miss interacting with co-workers and members and that he is very thankful for the opportunity the credit union has provided for him. We are most certainly thankful to have had him as part of the team!

Thanks Dr. Mitchell!

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