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Data as of 03.31.19

HQ: Bloomington, IL
ASSETS: $264.3 Million
MEMBERS: 16,630
12-MO LOAN GROWTH: 1.01%

Throughout our lives we are presented with many choices. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to examine options and pick our “first choice”. Other times the “choice” is made for us. For example, my first choice for college may be an Ivy League school far from home, but my circumstances may change that “choice” to a local state college.

We know that you have many choices from which to select a partner for your personal banking needs; our goal at IAA Credit Union is to Be Your First Choice. Our team is focused on building financial relationships to enrich our members lives, making membership at IAACU an easy choice.

The consistent delivery of “first-choice” service requires clearly communicated expectations and accountability. Those who do this well stand out and are sought out. If we do this well, it should naturally follow that, not only will we be your first choice, you will also feel comfortable recommending us.

For accountability, the IAACU Member Service Standards are published on our website at: By making you aware and inviting feedback, we hope to use your suggestions to continually understand and meet your expectations of “first-choice” service.

Our Member Service Standards communicate what you should expect specific to excellence, responsiveness, timeliness, and commitment. Excellence is our guarantee of quality regarding products and services. Responsiveness adds accountability to a prompt response to all requests. Timeliness outlines realistic delivery times based on the nature of the request. And Commitment sets the expectation that we will always be courteous, respectful, responsible, and professional.

It is our sincere desire to differentiate ourselves by providing products, services, and value that exceeds your expectations. Please review our Member Service Standards by following this link: IAACU Member Service Standards

We offer our sincere appreciation for your membership!


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Sean has been the Chief Executive Officer at the IAA Credit Union since June of 2005. He is a graduate of Illinois State University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness with a minor in Economics. Sean and his family live in Eureka, Illinois.

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