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This piece is linked to my concentration of one’s diverse bodies and minds being represented as a typography map. Within the concentration of my art, my goal is to illustrate a variety of individuals bodies and minds throughout this imagery of typography all over the skin of my subjects. My inspiration is drawn from my desire to try and connect, yet bring out the individuality of a wide range of people. I strive to include a wide representation of all individuals to welcome and have a representation of all different identifications, regardless of gender, race, or body type. Additionally, I found this idea of using a typography map set up to illustrate these beautiful difference and stories we tell within bodies by my own experiences and love for backpacking. I love typography maps and their abilities to show these massive telling forms of mountains, cliffs or valleys that I have not come across yet, or have any idea what they look like. I have juxtaposed this idea to the variety of stories that people carry with them, yet no one at the surface level really can comprehend the vastness of the differing humans that encompass our daily lives. The piece I am submitting conveys that men, especially men of color, are fragile. To rid the toxic masculinity stands that are put up, especially against African American boys that robs them of their childhood and lives. My goal is to emphasize the soft, fragile, and sweetness of the drifting of one’s creativity and mind through my piece, “drifting”.

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