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“As I am sure you already know, we are all living projects. From birth to death, one hopes to have made mental progress, one hopes to have matured. Such is much easier said than done, and it is a rather momentous struggle for an individual to break from their norms. Within the transitional period of the teenage years, much is brought into questioning, and it can be a rather difficult time. Teenagers are often self conscious, unsure, and inconsistent. We like to poke fun at them, but it is important to remember that their minds are akin to a shaken up bottle of water. “It Was a Confusing Time in This Teenage Wildlife” intends to represent a period of my life where I was more confused than ever before. Having nearly overcome specific life long anxieties, and nearing the end of my life in high school, I became more free of thought, resulting in my questioning of all that I had known. I saw my past as sinister, full of many vices, and an ever present fear of the future. Using imagery intended to induce a sense of unfamiliarity, or that of a fearful ‘infancy’, the left side of ‘Wildlife (shortened)’ represents my past state of mind. There is a clear, distinct transition of tone within the middle of the page, similar to my transition of thought. This latter half uses imagery of tranquility, accompanied by a sense weariness, to represent my new set of mind. My opinion of true maturity is that one must find a way to be weary of life’s dangers, while also seeing the wonders and potential that life grants. I drew this piece to, in a sense, finalize my period of wondering. I had come to my conclusion on what maturity meant to me, and this drawing is an accumulation of the feelings within that very stepping stone of my life.”

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