Shopping for Kitchen Appliances: Out-Cook all your Neighbors this Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is upon us! Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving, throwing a holiday party, or baking cookies for Santa, the right kitchen appliances can make a huge difference! Though buying or financing new appliances can be quite an investment, it is a worthwhile step towards longevity, delicious food and cleanliness in your home. Not sure the dollars will add up? Relieve financial stress by applying for one of our fantastic Holiday Loans!

These tips apply to any kitchen appliance you’ve got in mind to replace.

  1. Don’t Impulse Buy
    1. Make a list of features that are most important to you and your family’s needs. Use this list to shop for the right appliance at the best price. Don’t be fooled by promotional marketing, you don’t need the extra bells and whistles that the extra $500 promises to deliver.
  2. Read the Reviews
    1. Browse online and ask friends and family what they like/dislike about their appliances! Learn from others’ mistakes and/or successes!
  3. Measure
    1. In your kitchen, size matters! Don’t just measure the space where your new appliance will sit, but the doorways of your home! If you can’t get it into your home, it won’t be very useful!
  4. Be Patient, and Hunt the Deals
    1. Keep in mind that at the end of the year, appliance warehouses and retail hot-spots will run specials for the holidays and Black Friday Deals will save you bunches!
  5. Ask Questions
    1. Ask the sales attendant if there are extras that you should investigate, such as a fan, vent, floor protector, etc. Also remember to ask about companies that will service the items, or what kind of warranty is offered with purchase.

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A few things to be on the lookout for (to make your kitchen feel shiny and new!)

Refrigerator: Look for things like spacious drawers, adjustable shelves (great for housing that leftover turkey) and a good ice-maker and ice box, with enough ice to go around during the holidays. Other handy details to look for are a water filtration system in the door, and if you have a few bucks to spare, there is a mind-blowing new feature – doors that show you what’s inside without even opening the door!

Oven: Check out smart-wi-fi capabilities, and never worry if you left the oven on! Also look for convection

Stovetop/Range: Be aware of the type of heating the stovetop uses, electric vs. gas. Also remember to buy with guest numbers in mind. If you like to have people over for dinner, it may be a good investment to look for a range with many burners, however if you have less space or guests, a smaller stovetop may suit you better. Easy-to-clean cooktops are convenient and handy, so keep an eye out for this feature.

Dishwasher: Look for how many place settings the dishwasher holds, as well as wi-fi capabilities, top vs. front control, and look at reviews for noise levels with the cycle.

Microwave: Power and wattage is important to keep an eye on, as well as size, child-proof locking, and sensors for overcooking. Wi-fi capabilities are also handy with ever-improving technology!

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