House Hunting? Steps to take before you begin.

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When choosing a new mortgage to buy a home, get the best loan for your personal situation.  Here are a few steps to take before beginning your home shopping:

Get your free copy of your credit report at , and notify the credit bureaus of any errors in the credit report you receive.

  • Before shopping for your home, get pre-approved so you know the maximum mortgage you can obtain, and read the conditions carefully!  Your pre-approval should be contingent on appraisal of the home.
  • Look at your options for fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to see which is best for you.  If you plan to stay in this home less than seven years, an adjustable rate mortgage can save you interest expense.  Should interest rates rise, a fixed rate mortgage protects you because your payment cannot increase.
  • When comparing mortgages offered obtain the APR (annual percentage rate) which includes any loan fee.
  • Make sure you know what the closing costs will be for the type of loan you choose. Some loans have very high closing costs.

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